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My name is Wouter and I have been designing digital products sinds 2012.

Thank you for taking an interest in the person behind the work.

My motto:
"Bring some artistry into any given working day"
My approach

UX design is a craft

Experience is emotion, a complex compilation of feelings. Succes is mainly a result of people's ambition, happiness, perseverance and intuition.

All these things are hardly measurable. To create something successful that people will like, enjoy, or even love, you need something equally immeasurable in the mix of big data and analytics.

That is why I believe my artistic capabilities are such an asset in the work that I do.

Context is everything

By listening to people and observing their behaviours I am able to design applications that help people perform tasks better, faster and with more joy.

Going on a field study is my preferred way of doing research. When I tune in on the surroundings and witness people doing their job I gather rich qualitative data, spot pain points, and possibilities for improvements.

I am highly empathetic which helps me to weigh the input from a divers group of stakeholders into my design process.

I am a designer at heart

By this I mean I can switch very easily from very high level themes into extremely detailed level, and back again. Constantly checking and aligning if everything fits the purpose.

I also don't follow any specific process, because I tend to borrow aspects of all kinds of processes simultaneously. No process in existence holds all the answers to every situation I encounter.

So I tend to fill my brain with as much knowledge I can about design thinking, creativity, user centric, usability, accessibility, agile development, design sprints, and what have you. In this manner my gut keeps improving to adapt to changing circumstances.

An improvised Obeya-like 'war room' during the Eden project for HZPC.

An improvised Obeya-like 'war room' during the Eden project for HZPC.

What I do

My strength is on the artistic side of UX and I specialise in corporate enterprise software applications.

I do this by designing tailor made applications to improve the support of day-to-day work activities. Whether it be custom designed, based on a suppliers framework or a hybrid solution using the best of both worlds.

The goal is to let people focus on their real job while systems and applications offer smart support without getting in their way.

I work as an interim ux designer / product designer and I specialise in enterprise software applications. I am a strong team player, and when it comes to my own area of expertise, I act autonomously. In this process, empathy is my superpower.

The outcome: a more efficient way of working, less errors, and happier people!

Latest portfolio entry

UX Design for a tailor made .NET application to support the whole process of growing and shipping mini tubers.

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Interaction Design Foundation

Multiple Certificates 
(see full list)

(2021 - present)

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UX Academy

Senior UX Leadership Certificate


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UX Design Institute

Professional Diploma 
in UX Design

(2019 - 2020)

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School for Commercial Communication

Art Direction in Advertising

(2000 - 2002)

(in years)
UX Design
Visual Design
Logo & Icons
Agile, Scrum


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