Simpeler & sneller testen op kwaliteit

Een serie losse desktop applicaties gekoppeld aan een online validatie portaal

Project Statement

"We are testing over 30.000 samples this year. And that number will keep on growing. It's seasonal work, so we get help from a lot of temporary employees. Some of them are unschooled.
It needs to become much simpeler. If you ask me, it should be an app with 1 button."

– as stated by the Head of Quality Lab from HZPC

Main objectives

  • Reduce complexity
    The vendor software that comes with our state of the art machines is very complex and not suitable for everyone in our workforce.

  • Automation and integration
    The amount of manual interference is far more than necessary.

  • Time saving
    Besides the previous point, the validation of the test results is also cumbersome and time consuming.

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Process Mapping

Simpeler & sneller testen op kwaliteit

Interaction design

Simpeler & sneller testen op kwaliteit

End result